Conference Tracks

We invite papers for any of the RNI NAPOLI 2019 thematic conference tracks listed below (detailed description of the tracks can be found in the specific sections), as well as general submissions addressing other innovation management topics not covered in the thematic tracks.

0. General Submissions

1. Futures of HealthcareProponents: Francesco Schiavone, Marco Ferretti

2. Sustaining Networks for sustaining innovation. Proponents: Corinne Grenier, Ewan Oiry

3. Innovation management in HealthcareProponent: Giuseppe Festa

4. Intellectual Capital in Healthcare.  Proponents: Francesco Schiavone, Beatrice Orlando

5. Marketing of Innovations for Wellbeing. Proponents: Nicoletta Buratti, Michele Simoni

6. Artificial Intelligence in Health and WellBeing. Proponent: Daniele Leone


To submit your extended abstract/paper for RNI 2019 conference, please use this dedicated link:


  1. Please indicate if you are a RNI member
  2. Please indicate for which category of submission you are proposing the extended abstract/full paper:

All abstracts and papers received by the submission deadline will be evaluated in a double-blind review process. For those who are willing, the final accepted papers that are presented in the conference sessions will be published in the RNI Network on Innovation section entitled “working papers

The submission deadline for abstracts is MARCH 15th, and for final papers is June 15th, 2019.

Final Remarks
To contact the organizers, please send an email to: or  The organizers will reply as soon as possible.


We look forward to welcoming you to the RNI Forum Innovation IX & Summer school in Naples !