Wednesday, 17° July 2019
Palazzo Pacanowksy – Via Generale Parisi, n° 13 Venue: Room 1.3 – 1° Floor

14.30 Doctoral PhD. Colloquium Colloquium Chair: Prof. Michele Simoni

Discussants: Prof. Marek Ćwiklicki Prof. Patricia Baudier

16.30 Break

17.00 Seminar on New Teaching Methods Prof. Alfredo De Massis

18.00 Welcome Party – 6° Floor


Tuesday, 18° July 2019
Villa Doria d’Angri – Via Petrarca, n° 80

08:30 Registration

09:15 Plenary session “Institutional Opening and Welcome”

Prof. Alberto Carotenuto – Rector Parthenope Prof. Claudio Porzio -DISAQ Director Prof. Francesco Schiavone – Chairman Prof. Blandine Laperche – RNI President

10:15 Keynote speech: “Family Business in Healthcare” Prof. Alfredo De Massis – University of Bolzano

11:00 Parallel and Thematic sessions (See below)

13:00 Light lunch

14:00 Parallel and Thematic sessions (See below)

15:40 Round table “New Trends of Innovation for Healthcare” Chairmen: Blandine Laperche – ULCO and RNI Michele Simoni – DISAQ Parthenope Prof. Daniele Archibugi – CNR Rome – Univ. Of London Dott. Fabrizio Conicella – Bioindustry Park Prof. Corinne Grenier – Kedge Business School Prof. Sylvaine Castellano – Paris School of Business

20:30 Gala Dinner & Award: RNI Young Research Prize Restaurant Rosolino – Via Nazario Sauro, n° 7 – Naples


Friday, 19° July 2019
Villa Doria d’Angri – Via Petrarca, n° 80

09:05 Welcome Address Prof. Dimitri Uzunidis – Honorary President RNI
09:15 Plenary session “Healthcare innovation in Campania” Prof. Francesco Schiavone – Chairman Dott. Alfonso Longobardi – Regional Council Prof. Andrea Soricelli – DISMEB Director

09:45 Round Table “How to induce research and innovation for health and well-being?”

Chairmen: Francesco Schiavone, Dimitri Uzunidis – ULCO and RNI Prof. Anne Jouvenceau – Genopole Deputy Director Dott. Gaetano Cafiero – Kelyon Prof. Vincenzo Nigro – Campania BIOSCIENCE Dott. Guido Bourelly – Bourelly HS – Saluber

11:30 Parallel sessions and Thematic sessions (See below)

13:00 Light lunch

14:00 Keynote speech: The Campania Oncological Network Prof. Sandro Pignata – Istituto Nazionale Tumori IRCCS Fondazione G. Pascale
14:45 Keynote speech: Economics of Innovation in Healthcare Prof. Giovanni Dosi – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa
15:30 Take home message of the RNI Forum Innovation IX & Summer School – Publication Perspectives F. Schiavone – B. Laperche


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